Senior Embedded Software Engineer

  • R&D
  • Jerusalem, Israel

Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Job description

We are looking for an experienced embedded software engineer, with rich experience with Linux kernel development, to join our embedded software team.

The embedded software team gets to work with the best hardware the world has to offer, in order to choose and create the ultimate platform for our products. As part of this team you will be responsible for fusing together hardware in creative ways, understand and develop Linux, kernel, drivers, boot-loaders, and adopt any firmware that doesn't yet do what we believe it can do. A major part of the job is constant learning of hardware components, such as Processors, Systems On-Chip, a variety of semiconductor products, and many more.

Your responsibilities in this role can include:

  • Board bring-up involving embedded processor, System-On-Chip or microcontrollers
  • Platform software support for various projects
  • Bug fixing
  • Performance improvements

Job requirements

Must have:

  • Proven experience in customizing Linux/Android kernels for custom boards.
  • Experience in writing device drivers for various peripherals on embedded processor boards in C
  • Experience in debugging the low-level source code on the processor/SOC/microprocessor using In-Circuit Emulators (JTAG/ICE) and other suitable methods
  • Knowledge of processors/SOCs/MCUs


  • Proficiency in embedded software programming in c/c++ on embedded processor/SOC/Micro-controller and Linux/Android
  • Experience in working with version control systems like SVN and Git
  • Experience in writing bash/python/ruby scripts
  • Knowledge of standard protocols like USB, TCP/IP, I2C, UART, MIPI-CSI and others