Algorithm Developer

  • R&D
  • Jerusalem, Israel

Algorithm Developer

Job description

At OrCam, the Algorithms team researches, invents, designs and deploys cutting edge algorithms. We focus on machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. These are used in our existing and future devices to reinvent how people interact with technology.Our developers cope with open problems and are challenged with real-time and power constrains while maintaining state-of-the-art performance. To achieve these goals, you’ll utilize our powerful tools and huge data sets. Team members get a unique chance to work with some of the best-known scientists in the fields of computer vision and machine learning, and maintain a tight relationship with the latest academic work.

Job requirements

  • Proven ability to learn, such as degree in electrical engineering, computer science, physics or any other related field
  • Team player who has excellent interpersonal skills while able to tackle independently tasks along the way
  • Ability to take over a problem from research through design and implementation up to performance analysis
  • Technological passion, innovation and exploration of new research fields
  • Proficiency in c++ software programming
  • Advantages:
  • Experience with algorithms design, research and analysis
  • Experience with development in python (or other scripting language)
  • Experience with Linux environment