Security Expert

Job description

At OrCam, the software team designs and implements a complex software system with tight realtime, compute and power constraints. We push our hardware to its limits with a multi-process, lock-free system which utilizes our advanced algorithms in order to help our users have the most seamless usage experience possible. If you are a great programmer with security expertise and are interested in solving real-life engineering problems in the most creative ways, this is the place for you!.


  • Software engineer with strong knowledge and hands-on experience in computer security and embedded 


  • Have a firm grasp on network protocol stack and security standards  
  • At least one year of hands-on experience with C / C++
  • B.Sc. in computer science / Software engineering or proven extensive industrial experience
  • Team player
  • Advantage: scripting experience in one of the following: perl / python / js / ruby