OrCam MyEye

For The Blind & Visually Impaired

OrCam's mission is to harness the power of Artificial Vision and Wearable Technology to assist people who are visually impaired, and empower those seeking wellness.

The OrCam MyEye is an intuitive portable device with a smart camera mounted on the frames of your eyeglasses. MyEye recognizes text, products and faces, and speaks to you through a mini earpiece.

The OrCam MyEye was launched in the U.S. in 2015 and subsequently in a growing number of countries.


Leading Minds In Computer Vision and Machine Learning

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Ziv Aviram
Co-Founder, President and CEO
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Prof. Amnon Shashua
Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board and CTO
Thumb avatar 1469009525
Dr. Yonatan Wexler
Executive VP of R&D
Thumb avatar 1469009520
Ram Ben Yehuda
SVP Sales & Operations
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Eliav Rodman
Director of Marketing
Thumb avatar 1469009524
Oren Tadmor
VP of R&D
Thumb avatar 1484481950
Nir Sancho
VP of R&D
Thumb avatar 1469611103
Doron Weizman
Director of Engineering
Thumb avatar 1469009517
Efrat Bartov-Be’ery
Director of Software Engineering

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